Daniela is an artist based in Co. Meath and a member of Visual Artists Ireland since 2022
She began painting and drawing from a very early age, although her career took a different path until 2019 when she decided to fully embrace my true calling and established myself as a full time artist
The art Daniela likes to create has always been natural subjects, from Irish landscapes and wildlife, still life, and portraits
Influenced by the style of the Italian old masters, she closely observe her subjects and paint them in her realistic style. Her aim is to positively impact the viewer by bringing attention to the importance of our environment creating a work that can express the harmony and beauty of nature
Recently, Daniela delved into the world of abstract painting, adding it to her existing portfolio. This new style has not only sparked her artistic motivation but has also provided a platform for cultivating her imaginative side


Photo reference kindly provided by Navan wildlife photographer Paul Hayes